Women’s Mental Health Awareness Month: March 1-March 31st


Contigo Wellness always looks for ways to contribute to movements that support mental health. We noticed that while there is a National Women’s Health Week in May and Women’s History Month in March, there is no designated space for women and mental health. Furthermore, historical stigma remains surrounding women’s mental health. And so, Contigo Wellness is excited to witness the rise of # WOMEN’S MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS MONTH! We hope to leave everlasting footprints with this movement and create national awareness in support of womankind. In the toolkit below, we have included:

● Resources for women on mental health

● Infographics on Disparities in Woman’s Mental Health and Postpartum Depression

● Sharable Social Media designs, hashtags, and sample language

Contigo Wellness is declaring March the official Women’s Mental Health Awareness Month. March is women’s history month and is a dedicated month to reflect on the often-overlooked contributions of women to US History. Contigo Wellness is recognizing March as Women’s Mental Health Awareness month to highlight the specific mental health concerns that impact women and to help destigmatize mental health for women. Women have higher rates of PTSD, depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. Contigo Wellness is striving to change this for women in Austin, and throughout Texas so that women can continue to make a historical impact in the US! 

Join our movement by signing and sharing this link: https://chng.it/mvVprDGwzq

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