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Our Impact

Contigo Impacts

What we provide ?

Contigo Wellness is a non-profit organization created by our community members for the BIPOC community in hopes of healing this community by providing access to educators and culturally responsive wellness Professionals.


Our highly-trained Contigo  Wellness BIPOC Network uses their experience to assess power imbalances on the individual, social, and organizational levels in a variety of settings including healthcare, mental health programs, and education.

What is the purpose of Contigo ?

Our purpose with Contigo Wellness is to provide a space where persons can obtain access to needed services, with a primary focus on mental health. Mental health is a big part of physical health, and within the BIPOC communities, we see that this is something that is not held to the same standard as physical health. 

Education and Training ?

The educational workshops and trainings we’re developing are suitable for all individuals searching for opportunities to make positive improvements in their jobs, homes, and public spaces as well as transformations in their relationships with others.

When can I get started ?

We’re working on securing funding at this time. We hope to start providing this valuable service to our BIPOC Community by April 2022 and well into 2023.  For now, you are welcome to sign up for our newsletter for updates.

Is there a fee to access services?

No, there is no fee at this time for BIPOC community members in need, to access services. If you work from an anti-racist lens and identify as a BIPOC Therapist, Healer or Educator and want to join our network, there may be a membership fee, at a later time, as we continue to improve our services. Your membership fees are tax deductible. 

Join the growing community of healers looking to connect with high quality, culturally responsive, ethical healing professionals at Contigo Wellness.