Mental Illness is the Real Pandemic. In 2023, we’re partnering with some amazing local artists to raise money for a good cause, our Healing Fund. Contigo Wellness raises money to put where the hurt is by ending cycles of violence and making mental wellness and healing more accessible and equitable. This SXSW we have some great auction items available.

Mental Illness is the real Pandemic


SXSW Mental Health

Healing Fund Silent Auction

Interested in Healing, Wellness, or Retreats, and not sure where to begin: Here are some items available for purchase.

Auction items


6 week Trauma & Healing Education with a Traumatologist. 

This item gets you one on one healing education with an award winning professional traumatologist who can help educate and guide you in your healing journey. So if you’ve ever had questions about healing, or wellness, or Trauma, and didn’t quite know who to ask, or where to begin, this is the item for you. Valued at $1600. 



 4 Session Trauma Informed Leadership Training for your top 3 Executives/Management Staff.


If you’re a supervisor or a leader in your field or community advocate, then this is the item for you. Trauma informed leadership training is a really great way to look at the practices that are taking place within your organization and come up with tools necessary to help create a space where you have higher employee retention, and are just understanding, what being a trauma informed workplace looks like, as well as a trauma informed leader or manager. This item leadership team and will focus on creating a trauma informed workplace with one of the only people here in Austin who are doing trauma informed leadership training. This item is valued at $6000. 


6 Week Somatic Healing & Breathwork with a Licensed Professional.

Somatic healing and body based work is some of the newest research best healing that’s out there right now, and definitely a good way to heal from trauma there a combination of somatic healing and breath work. This is being done with a licensed, professional, trained and somatic experiencing, and breath work to connect life force energy with the body. This item is valued at $1200. 


 10 week Healing therapy with a licensed therapist. This item gets you 12 weeks with a healing therapist who is licensed and seasoned. Trained in anti-racist practices and trauma competent. This item will help you focus on releasing wounding and becoming the best version of yourself, by stepping into your highest, divine power, and accessing your higher self. This item is valued at 2400.


Plant medicine retreat. 

OK we save the best for last a plant medicine, healing retreat, taking place in a very sacred land space. This healing retreat comes with a small team of seasoned healers who practice holistic medicine in addition to being licensed mental health professionals, trained in EMDR, restorative justice and other healing modalities. This is a seven day intensive healing retreat complete with meals and room and also comes with a plant ceremony. This item is valued at $7,600.