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As we continue to decolonize healing at Contigo Wellness, we honor the safety, autonomy, and integrity of our community seeking assistance from non-licensed healers as well as our holistic healers. 

We’ve established “Guiding Principles for Ethical Healing” for all our CW Healers and Healing Practitioners

It matters who we talk to. Contigo Wellness is dedicated to encouraging the mental wellness of historically oppressed and marginalized persons. To join our free network and be added to our database you either identify as Latino/a/x, a POC and understand the unique needs of historically marginalized groups. Join the growing community of healers looking to connect with high quality, culturally responsive, mental health professionals

 Whether you are a healing professional, indigenous healer, cultural healer, ancestral healer, holistic healer, clinician in private practice, a student in a counseling program, or a clinician in the community, we have a community for you. Connect with other Healers & join the network free.

Thank you for being here!