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Welcome to Contigo Wellness: Community Healing

In the journey of wellness, we reclaim ancient healing practices suppressed by colonialism, embracing the wisdom of our ancestors.

Decolonization Education for Mental Health Equity

At Contigo Wellness we champion mental health equity through decolonization education and cultural healing. Our initiatives are designed to dismantle colonial legacies and promote healing by reconnecting individuals with their cultural roots and histories. Learn more about our transformative Community Healing Series and how you can join us in this critical mission.

Healing the Disparities Caused by Colonial Impacts:

Through educational programs, community healing events, and advocacy. We aim to reconnect communities by restoring cultural practices and narratives that promote mental wellness and resilience.

What Does Decolonization Mean?

Decolonization means the process of undoing the historical impacts of colonization, which often involves reclaiming cultural and ancestral heritage, promoting self-governance, and addressing the legacies of inequality and exploitation left by colonial powers.

In our case, we’re honoring our cultural and ancestral healing practices as well as operating our organization in every facet, outside of the colonial paradigm, as much as possible.

Ways We Do This Work:

Decolonization Workshops: We offer workshops that educate on the history of colonization and its ongoing effects on mental health, teaching methods to reclaim indigenous knowledge and healing practices.

Cultural Healing Circles: Our healing circles are safe spaces where individuals can come together to share stories, experiences, and cultural healing practices, fostering a supportive community environment.

Advocacy and Policy Change: We actively work to influence policies that recognize and integrate cultural healing practices into mainstream mental health services.

What Does Decolonizing Our Wellness Mean?

It means honoring our diverse ways of healing, and acknowledging that Western approaches are just one piece of the healing puzzle.

In this 12 month decolonization of our wellness journey, Contigo Wellness will expand education to reclaim ancient healing practices suppressed by colonialism, embracing the wisdom of our ancestors. Join us each month as we learn from new teachers on this important topic of wellness through a decolonized lens. Space is FREE but limited.

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