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Contigo wellness provides access to mental wellness and healing for people of color and historically oppressed communities, respecting their identity, and honoring their culture with supportive care. 

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Welcome to Contigo Wellness where we are committed to advancing mental health equity for all individuals and communities. Our range of services is designed to ensure that everyone has access to quality mental health care and support, regardless of their background or circumstances. Explore the services we offer and join us in our mission for a more equitable future




Our wellness programs promote whole-person well-being through mental activities, holistic approaches, and mindfulness practices.

Online lesson


We offer educational workshops, seminars, and resources on various mental health topics, empowering individuals with knowledge and coping strategies


Community Healing

Our team of qualified counselors provides confidential support to individuals in need, guiding them on their path to well-being



As a learning and equity focused non-profit centered on improving equity in mental wellness, we provide social justice-oriented individual and group supervision.

Mental wellness

We believe overall wellness, starts with the mind

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