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We're Transforming Lives!
Estamos Transformando Vidas!

We believe mental wellness should be accessible to all people regardless of skin color, financial situation, or belief system. Join our initiative of helping marginalized community members access mental wellness services and making healing more equitable! 





Contigo Wellness was awarded the 2021 Business Health and Wellness Award from Austin Woman’s Magazine


" We draw our strength from the very despair in which we have been forced to live. We shall endure.. "
Cesar Chavez
Cesar Chavez

Our Mission / Nuestra Mision

Contigo Wellness is a mental health equity non-profit organization in Austin, Texas which aims to improve equity and access to culturally and linguistically competent mental wellness and other ancestral forms of healing through destigmatization, to connect historically marginalized communities to care centered in anti-racist, trauma-informed and decolonized approaches, and provide financial assistance for healing services. 




Education is the driver for this work and ensuring that Communities of Color are educated on the topics of Mental Health and Wellness. We are providing access to this vital information through our collaborative efforts to provide various free educational topics on Mental Health and Wellness to our communities.


We believe that empowerment is crucial for growth. Through this work we hope to provide access to the important tools and resources that will continue to empower Communities of Color to thrive. Increasing access to information, also decreases stigma, which can be empowering.


Our goal at Contigo Wellness is to transform the lives of individual members of Communities of Color by healing ancestral and generational trauma. We believe helping just ONE person in this area has the ability to also impact the lives of 250 other individuals within the community, in just one month.

Our Goal / Nuestro Objectivo

Healing is a privilege that not everyone has equal access to, and our goal is to change this!  This new initiative and non-profit will serve as a catalyst to Communities of Color and mental wellness. In this work, our goal is to create equal distribution of wellness and healing services and access to these services by educating communities of Color and reducing stigma that still exists within these communities surrounding mental health. Mental wellness access is a privilege, and it is a privilege that does not exist for everyone. So, we’ve created a safe space where people can receive financial assistance to access healing services, search for a culturally aware & anti-racist therapist, and connect with community educational resources on mental wellness. Our goal is to provide education and financial resources to assist historically marginalized communities in need of mental health and end generational trauma! Be a part of large scale change! 

This is what ONE Contigo Wellness transformation looks like: With a small donation, YOU can help us, help more people!

Lives Transformed/ Vidas Transformadas

Contigo Wellness

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